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At Putting Patients First we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to feel as healthy as they can.  We understand that life is full of physical and mental stress that can take its toll on you.

Our team is here to help you take care of your body and mind, so you can meet life’s demands feeling strong and supported.

Whether it’s recovering from injury, or solving a more chronic health concern, we provide personalised care that meets your health needs.

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Treatments & Services


Chiropractic is a hands-on, drug and surgery free treatment focused on the diagnosis and management of injury to the joints, muscles or nerves. Our Chiropractors are equipped to manage both acute and chronic disorders involving the spine, as well as issues with the extremities (arms, legs, jaw).

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Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-employment screening provides a thorough musculoskeletal (physical) examination on behalf of employers, to assess suitability of prospective staff for tasks or roles.  This allows employers to be confident their employees can safely perform the duties/actions required at work, reducing the risk of workplace injury.

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