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Dr. Anthony Mure

Anthony’s introduction to Chiropractic happened on a morning where he woke up unable to move his neck, and was supposed to play footy for Strathmore FC that very day. After being referred to a Chiropractor who had glowing reviews from his whole family, he was impressed and fascinated by what Chiropractic offered and achieved.

Fast forward to now, roles are reversed and Anthony enjoys helping pain sufferers of all ages and activity levels, from tradies to office workers to weekend warriors. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge working with athletes, having been a keen footballer and sprinter himself. In 2017 he successfully completed the ICCSP Program to become an ‘Internationally Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner’, and currently works with the Moreland Zebras Soccer Club and the Victorian Volleyball Academy.

Anthony understands the importance of being skilled in a variety of treatment techniques, to tailor management to your needs. As well as hands-on therapy, he can use dry needling and prescribe rehabilitation if necessary.

Anthony values educating people about lifestyle, exercise and how to look after their body. He regularly runs workshops at local gyms, and was recently invited to guest lecture to the graduating class of chiropractic students at RMIT University.

In his spare time if he’s either training in the gym, or heading down the coast for a surf. If there are no waves he’s riding trails on his mountain bike.

Dr. Anthony Mure
BHSc(Chiro) MClinChiro